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The 06.35 to London

There is familiar in the unknown when you commute every day; the same carriage, the same people maybe even the same seat. We spend hours with our fellow travellers, we form close yet superficial relationships with them, we know their habits, their scents and smells, how they fold their newspaper, if they snore when they sleep. But we know nothing of what lies beneath the surface of their lives or the consequences of becoming entangled with them. There is no such thing as an ordinary life.

This is the first book in a series of short stories of Lives on a Train observing different times, people and locations.

Five stars *****

“Love it! Leaves you wanting to know more about the people and their everyday lives. Can imagine myself back in the days commuting to work on the train. You do get to recognise familiar faces. Looking forward to more.” - Amazon Review.


Boy Meets Girl

32 years after they last saw each other in their final year at school two first loves reconnect via the wonders of the world wide web and are thrown together on an adventure of international intrigue.

With more than a nod and a wink to the pop culture and adolescent experience life of the 1980's, the novel explores with gentle humour and no small amount of excitement and surprise, the modern phenomenon of rekindled love, lives disconnected and finding oneself again after 50.

Combine with some political and financial shenanigans, a race to find a hidden key and you have a nostalgic thriller like no other.

Coming soon…